Sports Massage

• Improves fluid circulation
• Decreases recovery time from hard performances and workouts
• Increases energy and stamina
• Promotes supple muscles
• Provides increased mental alertness and clarity
• Promotes greater flexibility and range of motion
• Reduces and even prevents sports injury
• Provides pain reduction
• Enhances body awareness

Pre-Event Sports Massage can be used anytime within 1 week to 1 day before participating in your sport. Pre-event sports massage focuses on increasing circulation, and making muscles supple and ready for the demand to be put on them in a competition. This is a more "light" massage and is invigorating.It is meant to wake you up and be ready to perform!

Post-Event Sports Massage can be utilized after your body has cooled down or anytime thereafter an event. It focuses on circulation, removing lactic acid and repairing any minor tears in muscle tissues. A deeper touch can be used at this time.

"Mary has "Magic Hands". As a massage therapist myself, it was a pleasure to have someone with an amazing technique and so much knowlegde and experience to be able to release the tension in my body. Mary definately got rid of those "bolders in my shoulders"!!! She comes highly recommended!"

Gina Mancini
Massage Therapist for
Dancing with the Stars, UK