Heated Stone Therapy - I am currently suspending my stone therapies

Heated stone massage has become widely appreciated and accepted in the bodywork industry as an enhancement to regular massage therapy.

Heated stone therapy originated from ancient Native American healing techniques as well as from Japanese therapeutic traditions and Eastern Indian philosophy.

Since stones area direct source from the elements of the earth, they are a perfect vehicle for reconnecting to the stable force of the earth's grounding element.

Benefits of Heated Stone Massage include the following:

  • Achieves a deeper sense of relaxation
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Relieves stiff muscles
  • Improves circulation
  • Opens tight joints
  • Energetically grounds to Mother Nature
  • Releases energy blocks

Heated, smooth stones are glided along the body creating dramatic and profound results. Mary works intuitively, integrating the heated stones with deep tissue techniques such as edging, gliding and flushing. She assesses and responds to the current and specific needs of each client. Heated stone massage is ideal for people who are sensitive to deep pressure and also recommended for fibromyalgia patients for the heat and gentleness of the smooth stones. They are also great after skiing and hiking to provide soothing relief from tired and fatigued muscles.

Stones can invite a spiritual component, increasing circulation and vitality. It brings more energy to the session, broadens the platform for healing, and takes the client much deeper into relaxation and gently renews the sweetness of life.

Resources: "The Art of Stone Therapy" AMTA Massage Therapy Journal, Fall 2003 issue


"Mary's skillful deep-tissue work, her commitment to professional excellence and continuing education, and her caring attitude have made my weekly appointment not an indulgence, but a necessity in keeping me mobile and limber - for almost two years now. I couldn't manage without her."

Mary Ann Careaga
Kirkland, WA

"After nine hours of fishing, Mary's massage was just what I needed. I appreciated her sensitivity and care in addressing the problem spots of my back. I have had many massages and yet found Mary's approach one of the most recuperative massages I have experienced." Marty Albertson, Former CEO of Guitar Center