On-Site Chair Massage - Due to COVID-19 I am suspending my chair massage program


Many companies find that on-site chair massage reduces absenteeism, increases productivity and morale. Setting up on-site massage for your company is easy. All it takes is a quiet space or conference room and a contact person within your  company to publicize the program and manage the sign-up sheet. A portable massage chair is used and clients are fully-clothed, thus no oils or lotions. A normal session is usually 15 minutes which fits perfectly into a coffee break. It is a great wellness program that proves beneficial to all who participate, as well as show care for their employees.

Your job can make strenuous demands on your body.

Most of us perform certain tasks over and over throughout the course of the day. While heavy labor such as lifting, carpentry, or welding is an obvious physical stressor, even the simple repetitive motions called for in duties like typing, answering phones, or computer data entry can cause you many problems.

As if that weren't enough, your job can strain your emotions.

The face of the American workplace has changed dramatically over the past few years. As corporate downsizing continues, more tasks are performed by fewer workers, adding to an already stressful work environment. When the deadlines are crushing and keeping up with all the new technology has you overwhelmed, where you turn for relief?

You may find the answer with on-site chair massage.

Investing in Wellness

Workplace stress results in lower productivity, increased absenteeism, and job-related accidents. Realizing that preventative measures are needed in today's environment of skyrocketing health care costs, businesses are corporations are investing heavily in wellness programs for the workplace.

Many companies are finding that on-site massage can be an important part of a successful wellness program.

Why On-Site Chair Massage

An on-site chair massage:

Is convenient. The therapist comes directly to you with a portable massage chair.

Involves no tables, sheets, or oils. Your seated massage takes place directly through your clothing.

Won't disrupt your workday. The massage is usually about fifteen to twenty minutes in duration - about the same as a coffee break.

Is an easy wellness program to participate in. All you need to do is relax and enjoy!

Easing Your Stress

Accumulated stress and tension always diminishes your energy and vitality. The rejuvenating effects of a massage in the middle of your workday may surprise you. The therapist's touch can:

Invigorate you as it loosens your tense muscles and stimulates your circulation.

Enhance your ability to think and concentrate as the circulation of oxygen-rich blood to your brain and body is increased.

Help you to feel alert, refreshed, and ready to get back to the job.

Help you get in touch with your body, educating you about where you store stress and tension and how it affects you.

Alleviate some of the pain of chronic job-related conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. You can use your session to have the massage therapist address the specific areas that are causing problems for you.

"She is a skilled professional, with a keen intuition for knowing how to identify points of tension in the body and the best way to relieve pain and provide relaxation through massage."

Mary L. Oslin
The Transpo Group, Inc.