Spa Treatments - Due to COVID I am suspending all spa treatments

Heated Stone Massage

Enjoy the sensation of heated stones smoothed over your body with oil. Various techniques are used to get those hard, contracted muscles to melt. Heated Stones also take you to a deeper sense of relaxation. Heat packs included. Visit Heated Stone Therapy tab on this website for detailed information. Prices are listed on Contacts and Rates tab.

Herbal Body Wrap

Be wrapped in sheets soaked in herbal tea for a detoxifying effect. Specifically selected herbs of Ginger Root, Rosemary Leaf, Allspice Berry, Eucalyptus Leaf, and Clove Stems to encourage circulation and detoxification of your body. Go to Contacts and Rates tab for prices.

"Mary's skillful deep-tissue work, her commitment to professional excellence and continuing education, and her caring attitude have made my weekly appointment not an indulgence, but a necessity in keeping me mobile and limber - for almost two years now. I couldn't manage without her."

Mary Ann Careaga
Kirkland, WA

"After nine hours of fishing, Mary's massage was just what I needed. I appreciated her sensitivity and care in addressing the problem spots of my back. I have had many massages and yet found Mary's approach one of the most recuperative massages I have experienced." Marty Albertson, Former CEO of Guitar Center