Medical Massage in Park County
by Mary Williams, LMP, MMT

Most people don't know that if they are in an automobile accident, massage therapy could be covered by their insurance company. Most people go directly to a chiropractor or physician to receive medical care for a personal injury from an accident. If the chiropractor or physician do not suggest massage therapy for recovery from soft tissue injuries (such as whiplash, low back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder), the patient can ask for a prescription for massage therapy from their doctor to receive medical massage treatment to repair their injury.
Medical massage therapy in the U.S. is now more effective for treating medical muscular conditions. Medical massage uses a variety of proven techniques that correct muscular dysfunction. Studies have shown that 60% of massages performed has been to treat muscular pain.
What is the difference between regular massage and medical massage? Regular massage maintains health, and medical massage repairs soft tissue injuries. For example, we maintain our cars to keep them running. We repair them when parts break. Regular massage maintains health, and medical massage repairs soft tissue. During a medical massage you may participate in some movements that would retrain an injured muscle. Treatment begins with two to three times per week to heal the tissue. You are asked questions during the massage session and the therapist will want your feedback. Each session the therapist will keep thorough records of what is done and report progress to the prescribing physician.
Medical massage must be physician-directed with a prescription if billed to insurance. Medical massage is science-based. Certification in this work proves the therapist has an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology, medical conditions and their pathologies and treatment options.


"Mary has "Magic Hands". As a massage therapist myself, it was a pleasure to have someone with an amazing technique and so much knowlegde and experience to be able to release the tension in my body. Mary definately got rid of those "bolders in my shoulders"!!! She comes highly recommended!"

Gina Mancini
Massage Therapist for
Dancing with the Stars, UK

"Mary gave me one of the  best deep massages I have ever had. She delivered the right amount of pressure and stretch to all my tight muscles and tendons. I felt like begging her to stop but my muscles were pleading with her to continue! She then showed me stretching exercises to help keep me limber. I'l definately be a return client." Dr. Barry Wood, MD, Overland Park, ITS